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New fitness app Jaha is Tinder for workout partners

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Working out with a friend is a proven way to actually get up off your butt. Making a commitment to each other gives you both a reason to get out of bed, skip the office doughnuts and even use the workout as a chance to strengthen your bond.

The problem is that life happens, leaving you with an apologetic text message while stretching for a 5-mile run that suddenly seems a lot longer and lonelier without your workout buddy by your side.

Enter Jaha (the name means “chase”), a new app that makes exercise a more social experience. Your profile goes beyond a standard bio to include fitness-focused stats like stride length, as well as a description of the workout you’re looking to partner up for, whether it’s running, tennis, cycling or something else. Then, by swiping right or left a la Tinder, you can find a fitness partner.

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Jaha has a built-in step counter, which it uses to fine-tune matches based on fitness level. Keep track of your progress and challenge others through the app to spur you on — even if you can’t find a partner in real life that day, there’s a community of users to keep you motivated.

With Jaha, you’ll never have an excuse for not working out because you got stood up. We’re sorry/you’re welcome.

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