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New gym classes we’re excited to take

Hitting the gym doesn’t have to be a bore — just check out the brand new workouts your gym is launching.


Multiple locations, www.equinox.com

Animal Flow: You’ll mimic the movement of animals as you crawl and leap your way through this class.

Stacked: Rubber sandbags are used in this workout, where the movements build upon themselves.

New York Health & Racquet Club

Various locations, www.nyhrc.com

High Kicks: A Rockette-inspired dancing kick class taught by a real Rockette

Saturday Afternoon Fever: A dance class featuring music and choreography from the ’70s

HIPrana: A mix of belly dance and yoga to work your core and strengthen your flexibility

Kangoo: You’ll bounce on shoes not unlike moon boots of yesteryear in this high-intensity interval training cardio class

Wind Up: Where hula hoops are used to help you get fit


25 W. 14th St., 212-206-9200

SALSALATES: Get your hips swinging and your abs toning at this dance-pilates hybrid.

Guts & Guns: A fast-paced class for your arms and abs.

Recess (boot camp): A mix of high-intensity cardio, endurance training and deep core work.


Multiple locations, www.crunch.com

Center Court Choreography with the Brooklynettes: A hip-hop class where you’ll learn the same moves that the Nets cheerleaders, the Brooklynettes, do. Taught by a real Brooklynette! (Offered at Crunch Fort Greene)

Training C.A.M.P: Created by former New York Giant Curtis Williams, this class is based in strength and conditioning — you’ll train just like your favorite football players.

2FLY: The ’80s trend is over — in this class, it’s all about sweating to hits from the ’90s.

Buff Yoga: Core work + traditional yoga=you’ll be feeling this the next day.

SurfSET & Sand: Crunch has teamed up with the folks at SurfSET Fitness for this circuit class featuring a board designed to imitate what it’s actually like to surf on the ocean. Half the exercises are on the board, half are off, but don’t get too comfortable — weighted sandbags are used when you get back on dry land.

New York Sports Club

Multiple locations, www.mysportsclubs.com

UXF Burn: Short for Ultimate Fitness Experience, the latest version of this cross-training interval class comes in two formats — one alternating cardio, strength and core moves and one focusing mostly on core.

UXF Ripped: A small-group version of UXF Burn (eight sessions over four weeks; $200 for members and nonmembers)

Reebok Sports Club/NY and Sports Club/LA

Reebok: 160 Columbus Ave., 212-362-6800

Sports Club: 330 East 61st St., 212-355-5100

BLITZ: This customizable fitness program promises small groups but individual attention

Recess: Get in touch with your inner kid at this class, which builds on the mobility you had in your younger years.

Bikini Flavors: Prep for bathing suit season in these 15-minute intervals designed to tone the bikini-specific areas of your body.

The May Center at the 92nd St. Y

1395 Lexington Ave., 212-415-5500

Yin Yoga Workshop: The Feb. 10 workshop is a slow-flowing series of poses. Each stretch lasts approximately two to five minutes and is designed to elongate your muscles.

And check out these new studios that are opening:

SoulCycle NOHO: 384 Lafayette St., 212-860-1300

Bari Pop Up Soho: 52 Mercer St., 212-966-2274

Bari Pop Up Murray Hill: 114 East 28th Street, #2D, 212-686-1605

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