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New home sought for rescued kitten

When he was found, Jackson, an eight-week-old kitten, had a shattered pelvis and a serious leg injury.

Now nicknamed “Hope4-Jackson,” the orange tabby is sporting an amputated leg but is ready to be adopted into a good home, said Bev Johnson, the kitten’s foster mother with Meow Foundation.

“It’s heartbreaking so see some of these kittens come in like this, especially because when you pick them up they purr and want to be loved,” Johnson said after writing to Metro.

Johnson already has three cats, including two rescue cats, but said she is caring for Jackson until someone else can adopt the “lovable and friendly” kitten.

“His pelvis was broken so bad he had to be amputated,” she said.

Victoria Ross, adoption manager for the Meow Foundation, said while it’s only speculation, the veterinarians who examined Jackson’s injuries indicated the kitten was kicked.

“Unfortunately, it’s a reality in the city. Sometimes they are hit by cars, sometimes other animals, but sometimes humans do this,” Ross said, adding Jackson was rescued from northeast Calgary.

“We are at full capacity and need to adopt out some of these kittens so we can take more in. And we’re also always looking for temporary foster homes too,” Ross said.

Johnson also has a five-week-old grey female kitten named Tapioca who needs to be adopted after she was found wandering the streets alone.

For more information or to adopt, visit meowfoundation.com.

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