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New James Bond ‘Skyfall’ trailer analysis

Teaser trailers can be rather cryptic at times, and the new “Skyfall” trailer isn’t any different. Audiences got a taste of the Sam Mendes-helmed film, which will mark the 23rd James Bond film. Here’s what we gleaned from the short clip.

– Straight from 007s mouth: Some men are coming to kill James Bond and his colleagues, but he plans to kill them first.

– At one point in the film, it seems that Bond (Daniel Craig) will travel to China – or at the very least, an area that is celebrating a very elaborate Chinese New Year celebration.

– Dame M (Judi Dench) is still around to keep 007 in line. And, hints through interviews show that she may be the central part of this movie.

– An Aston Martin DB5 is captured in one of the shots, and it seems that all the cars seem pretty modern. A scene of a crashing Metro train confirms that these events are all occurring in the modern day or at a date that is more recent than in a past decade.

– According to a conditioned response test given to Bond by a man who looks like a stereotypical psychiatrist, “skyfall” is something Bond doesn’t want to talk about. Was it code for a mission done wrong?

– There will be a lot of deaths, hinted at by the caskets draped with British flags.

– We get one shot of Javier Bardem, who is confirmed to play the Bond villain in this film. He’s walking away from a building he just set on fire.

– There will be an intensely erotic shaving scene with a woman played by Naomie Harris. But, just a few seconds before, we got a glimpse of Bérénice Marlohe, another Bond girl, standing in a hotel room. Both of these women prove that despite the years and the different actors, Bond still has his way with the ladies.

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