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New machine lets you grow marijuana at home via app

The legalization of marijuana continues to gain ground worldwide. That’s why devices for consumers of this drug have emerged. One of them is Seedo, an auto grow hydroponics home device that allows you to cultivate herbs and medicinal plants indoorwith no effort at all. All you must do is plant your seed of choice, notify the device of the particular plant you are growing and wait. Seedo comes with a friendly app to help you monitor and control the sprout of your plant.

Why did youdevelop a device like this?

The Seedo story starts with Michael, a technologist with the rare skills todevelop automated systems that simulate natural growing processes, and Jacob, a renowned agronomist with expertise in hydroponics. In 2014, Michael asked Jacob to help developa fully automated growing machine, only this time for home use. And so, the Seedo project began by digitizing and transforming Jacob’s vast knowledge in hydroponics into a self-contained, automated home growing system. Throughout trials, our system delivers consistent top quality herb with minimum space and effort.

How does Seedo work?

It contains sensors that monitor the plant every second, analyze the data and take actions, based on the plant needs.

What about the app?

Seedo’s app controls and monitors the growth of the plant. The idea behind it is to interrupt the plant as little as possible. Just as no one likes itwhen the lights are suddenly on, while sleeping. Therefore, a camera is installed inside Seedo, and the grower can look at his plant anytime he wants, without interfering the growth. In addition, the app will notify the grower about any problem that may appearlike when the CO2 is finished or when the water for the plant is about to end.

Can your device help to cultivate other types of plants?

Yes, Seedo creates the ideal conditions for growing, as a result, many other plants can be grown, like all type of greens (lettuce, kale, dill, cilantro, mints, etc), cherry tomatoes, pepper, flowers and more.

-Daniel Casillas

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