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New secret Beyonce album not so secret anymore

Somewhere on the vast plains of the World Wide Web.

So you know how we’ve been super psyched about the adaptations that artists are making in the ever-evolving/devolving music industry since we put a name on it more than a year ago?

[Here’s where we take a moment to pat ourselves on the back for honing in on this trend before Beyonce out-sneak-attacked everybody!]

Anyway, there’s a new plot twist! Remember how years ago, people would know that an album was coming from an artist for months in advance and then the industry tried to prevent the full album from leaking? Now labels are doing all they can to even keep the information about the album from leaking. And, to tell you the truth, we were a little bit disappointed that somebody spoiled it for everyone.

As this image above started to circulate online earlier in the week, it became apparent that Beyonce was possibly preparing to do a follow-up sneak attack to her brilliant sneak attack of 2013 and release a second volume of that self-titled album.

But maybe this is a red herring, right? Maybe there is no album at all and this is an early April Fool’s joke? Or maybe the leak was on purpose so that media outlets could at least have a little heads up to put this second release on their best-of lists for 2014. Having to tear up last year’s best-of 2013 blueprints did prove challenging, but it was exciting. It was like RFK announcing he was running for president after the New Hampshire primary, but, you know, with a way better outcome. (That analogy was only at-the-ready because it’s Election Day on Tuesday.)

But hey, either way, it looks like the world could be one Beyonce album richer as soon as Nov. 14, and that’s a good thing.

Plus, look at those special guests! Rihanna, Nicki Mniaj, Justin Timberlake! Who cares if it’s not a surprise party? We already know the guestlist is worth showing up for!

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