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New street name just too long at 17 letters

My girlfriend and I have just purchased a new home on (what is soon to be) “Madeleine Meilleur Private.” I will tell you why I am opposed to this street name, but before I do, let me first say that I have the utmost respect for Meilleur as a person, a politician, and a local resident. She has done a great deal of outstanding work for her riding, and is a very well-known and respected individual.

I am opposed to the new street name because at 17 letters, it is simply too long, and even for a French-speaking person (such as myself), it is not the easiest name to spell. The city is going to have to order custom jumbo-sized street signs just to accommodate the name. Say it aloud to yourself, spell it out.

Now repeat it, because no one is going to get it right the first time.

It is simply a matter of convenience. Think about how many times the average person has to give out their address. Yes, we are only talking about an extra moment or two, but think about a situation where time is critical.

Why could we not pay homage to Meilleur by naming the street “Meilleur Private” or “Madeleine Private?”

After all the important issues that have been brought to city council in the last few years and have been rejected or taken far too long to pass, this idea gets through this quickly? Honestly.

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