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New Trump shocker: Just-discovered pictures of his chin as a frog

President Trump Frog Art
Photo: Twitter / sirmitchell

Sometimes, amid the many stories about an American populace that is newly engaged in political life, there is a truly impressive example of a vigilant, newly woke citizen.

This week, Mike Mitchell, an Austin, Texas-based artist, noticed that President Trump’s chin can look like a frog.

And Mitchell could not stand idly by. He had to act, to bring his discovery to the public. To that end, the artist drew a frog on pictures of Trump’s face and shared the images on Twitter.


And like images of the Virgin Mary assuming the shape of a pancake or the image of Jesus appearing in man’s burnt Eggo, people flocked from the digital equivalent of miles around to witness it.

This kicked off a meme, in which others shared their sightings of an amphibian on the president’s face. Sometimes in gif form.


The initial photo shared by Mitchell has gotten more than 14,000 retweets and 16,000 Likes as of Friday afternoon.

The artist, who is not a Trump supporter, accompanied his images with some themed fake headlines:

BREAKING: After googling “Donald Trump”, President Frog Apologizes to “Those Who Were Hurt by this Vile Host”. Promises To “Do Better”.

BREAKING: President Frog Announces US Will Do “Everything We Can” to Fight Climate Change. “We Must Protect The Swamp, I Have Family There.”

And Mitchell said the project, once a lark, had opened his eyes to the dawning political reality.

“I very quickly realized I preferred a frog painted on a face over Trump to lead our country. That’s where we are,” he tweeted about the project. “It seems like a joke, but how far are we from Trump walking out with a frog painted on his face that later becomes his dominant personality?”


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