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New web privacy kit for kids, parents

OTTAWA – Privacy commissioner Jennifer Stoddart has produced a video, a tip sheet for parents and a kit for teachers to help kids deal with online privacy threats.

She says young people often don’t think about privacy problems as they surf the net.

The material is aimed at children in Grade 7 and Grade 8.

The online video looks at some of the privacy pitfalls associated with the web.

The tip sheet offers parents a dozen points to use when discussing the issue with their children.

Stoddart produced a similar package for high school students last fall, but says she wants to lower the bar as younger and younger children jump online.

The kit for teachers includes slides, speaking notes and discussion topics for classroom sessions.

“We need to start talking to them about online privacy at an early age and encourage them to think carefully about the personal information they are sharing online,” Stoddart said in a news release.

The tip sheet urges parents to try out the games and sites their children use. It says they should keep up with changes in things such as smart phones. And they should teach kids to think about privacy before they click or post.

The video speaks directly to children and covers key privacy issues.

“While our kids may be growing up in an age of digital interaction, they still value their online reputations and they want to protect them,” Stoddart said. “The problem is, many just don’t know how.”

The package offers practical advice, she said.

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