New West cat clawing to life – Metro US

New West cat clawing to life

A two-year-old orange cat is at a critical care clinic in New Westminster and clinging to life after he was dipped or sprayed with a chemical, possibly paint thinner.

Harley, named because of his motorcycle-like roar, was one of two cats that neighbours suspect were dunked in paint thinner.

While the other cat was cleaned by its owner, Harley jumped onto a deck and began to lick himself clean.

“He ingested this chemical in his mouth and esophagus,” said Tammy McEvoy, a friend of Harley’s owner Jennifer Szoke.

“He hasn’t been able to eat. He needs a stomach tube and now his lung has collapsed.”

Szoke’s eight-year-old son Nate received Harley as a kitten on Valentine’s Day two years ago.

So far, vet bills have totalled about $3,200. McEvoy said they’re projected to run at least $5,000.

McEvoy has set up a website and Trev Deeley Motorcycles will collect donations at Sunday’s show and shine in New Westminster.