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New WNBA CBA offers higher pay, benefits, more

New WNBA CBA offers higher pay, benefits, more
The WNBA and WNBPA announced on Tuesday morning their agreement on a landmark eight-year Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) that will improve pay, benefits, and resources. 
Beginning in 2020, the league will experience a 53-percent boost in total cash compensation, ranging from base salaries, additional performance bonuses, prize pools for in-season competitions, and league and team marketing deals.
The top players will see a drastic increase in their pay as they can now make as much as $500,000 per season. That’s more than triple the max salary under the previous CBA. 
Other top players could make between $200,000 and $300,000 as well. 
It will be the first time in league history that the average annual salary will exceed six figures, coming in at $130,000. 
The new CBA will also guarantee a player’s full salary will be paid while they are out for maternity leave. Mothers will also be provided with an annual $5,000 childcare stipend and a two-bedroom apartment. 
Amongst other notable amendments, players will be granted unrestricted free agency earlier and programs are to be put in place to set up offseason job opportunities and career paths for retirees.