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New York-based photographer creates beards with soap suds

You may have thought the beard bubble had burst but a photo series called “Bubbleissimo” shows why the trend’s sticking around.

New York-based photographer Mindo Cikanavicius used soap suds to create these distinctive styles to show the ephemeral nature of fashion.

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<p>Photographer Mindo Cikanavicius.</p>
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<p>Photographer Mindo Cikanavicius.</p>
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<p><b>What is the story behind the Bubbleissimo series? </b></p>
<p>The inspiration came from observing how beards have peaked in popularity in recent years. This project examines modern men and their obsessions with facial hair, and how it personifies masculinity.</p>
<p><b>Is there any kind of criticism aimed at hipster beards?</b></p>
<p>Not really. I just think a lot of people like to jump on the bandwagon when it comes to mocking the hipster style.</p>
<p><b>Why did you choose bubbles for this project?</b></p>
<p>The bubble soap beards and moustaches were applied to show how fragile manliness can be in today’s society. Also, I chose bubbles because they’re temporary, like a trend; they pop when they reach their end.</p>
<p><b>Was it difficult to work with a material like bubbles?</b></p>
<p>The biggest challenge was trying to find the right ingredients and formula for the soap suds, so that they would stick on the models’ faces for a longer period of time. I hired special FX artist Heidi Pakdel who was able to shape the beards to the style I wanted to achieve. They didn’t last very long and I had to be quick directing and taking pictures.</p><div class=

What message do you want to spread with this series?

The goal was to create fun and entertainment.

– By Daniel Casillas

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