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New York City is more affordable then San Francisco for renters


As you empty your bank account to pay for your overpriced apartment in Bushwick this month, take comfort in the fact that you could be paying more somewhere else.
That somewhere else is San Francisco.
Real estate website Zumper, released its monthly rent report of the most expensive metro areas in the United States to rent. For the ninth month in a row San Francisco took the top spot.
Zumper explained that “a rapid influx of population and capital, coupled with a lagging housing stock, continued to drive San Francisco, and consequently Oakland [rent], much higher. The East Bay is currently experiencing one of the fastest rise in rents across the country.”
Rents across New York City flatlined and even dropped in some neighborhoods. The most notable spike was in West Harlem which jumped up 10% to a median rent of $2,200.

Where do other cities fall on the list?

Boston came in at third place, and Philadelphia came in at twelth place. Take a look at the full list and report on Zumper’s website.

No matter what city ends up being the most expensive in this continuous shuffle, take comfort in one constant: We’re all still poor.

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