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New York comedians laugh at the state of New York sports

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The Rangers’ season ended abruptly in May. The Knicks didn’t exactly get their fans jumping up and down with the drafting of relative unknown Kristaps Porzingis. Soon, all eyes will be on the Jets and new head coach Todd Bowles. The United States women won’t be playing any World Cup games again until 2019. So when can we expect another parade down the Canyon Heroes?

Metro asked a couple of New York comedians, who also happen to be diehard sports fans, to chime in on the state of New York sports. We can expect a title soon, right?

“Good luck with that,” Manhattan-based Paul Mecurio said. “The Knicks have become the Washington Generals. Phil Jackson has become the topper of a punch line. They fell from the second pick in the draft to the fourth. That might not sound so bad but it is when you have three difference makers and then you pick fourth. Regarding the Jets, Geno Smith is your quarterback of the future. That’s great if the future is 1973. Smith is not equipped to be a starter in the NFL these days.”

Mecurio, who won a Emmy and Peabody as a “Daily Show” writer does see one bright side for the Jets.

“Rex Ryan is gone,” Mecurio said. “I hated Ryan’s face so much that if he were my priest I would punch him in the face. There’s something about those big, horrible teeth he has that makes me dislike him intensely, not to mention his coaching.”

Rich Vos, who resides in Plainfield, New Jersey, has one regret when it comes to the Jets.

“I quit gambling too early,” Vos said. “You know the Jets will lose and not cover. It’s pathetic for both the Knicks and the Jets. How could New York, the richest city in the country have teams as bad and bumbling as the Knicks and Jets? You have to try hard to be that bad. You have to make one bad decision after another to be that terrible.”

Jackie “The Jokeman” Martling, travels from Long Island to games at the Garden.

“I was courtside for a Knicks-Sixers game this past season,” Martling said. “It was once the place to be, but not anymore. It’s a shame. Knicks games used to be a huge event. But that’s not the way it is anymore.”

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