In late January, 450 articles of professional clothing and accessories were collectedprovided

Inmates released from Rikers Island are getting a boost in their post-prison job hunt with “100 Suits for 100 Men,” a program that collects and donates professional garb to help them going forward.

Bronx District Attorney Darcel Clark made the announcement on Wednesday, partnering with the Metropolitan Black Bar Association. The effort will provide 450 articles of professional attire to men in the Bronx community “striving to improve their lives.”

Paula Edgar, president of the Metropolitan Black Bar Association, she hopes the clothing will “help folks to be well suited to re-enter society."

Last month, the DA’s office collected 51 suits, 48 pairs of pants, 35 jackets, 159 ties, 154 dress shirts, 43 pairs of socks, two vests, one sweater, one coat and one belt.


The program will work with the Department of Correction and Community Supervision to hand out the donations.

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