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5 new options that would make traveling to JFK faster and easier

One of the "one-seat" options includes an express route from Penn Station.

Earlier this week, Governor Cuomo unveiled his latest nine-figureinfrastructure proposal, a $10 billion overhaul of JFK Airport.As 6sqft explained,the plan address three main issues: “unifying all the terminals with an interconnected layout so the airport is more easily navigable; improving road access to the airport; and expanding rail mass transit to meet projected passenger growth.” This final point included a direct rail link so that passengers traveling to and from Manhattan wouldn’t need to ride the subway to connect to the AirTrain. TheRegional Plan Associationdecided to explore this point further, and ina reportout Friday they’ve detailed five different approaches for a “one-seat ride” to JFK, which includes an extension of the Second Avenue Subway and a new underground tunnel.

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