Authorities say the victim tripped in front of a vehicle, unbeknownst to the driver, Google Maps

A 76-year-old woman was tragically killed after tripping in traffic on a Middle Village street, police said.

A Ford Escape was stopped at a light about "three to four car lengths" before the intersection of 75th Street and Metropolitan Avenue when a 76-year-old pedestriancrossed, midblock, in front of the vehicle.

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At that point, authorities said the victim tripped and fell in front of the Ford as the light turned green, unbeknownst to the driver.


The driver then ran over the pedestrian and continued south on Metropolitan Avenue until he was "alerted to the fact" that he hit the woman, police said.

The victim, identified by authorities as Giovanna Livolsi,was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

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