Who won the #$1@!! Powerball, Metro readers want to know.

NY State Lottery

There are two questions that immediately come up when you hear that someone down the block won a big bucks Powerball. They are:

1.Who won?
2. Brother (or sister), can you spare a dime?

The likelihood of question 2 is probably one of the many reasons big lottery winners don’t immediately step forward.

On Staten Island, the winner of this past weekend’s $136 million Powerball ticket remains a mystery.

The lucky winner bought the ticket at the 7-Eleven on Page Avenue in Richmond Valley and has 365 days to claim it.

The store manager is thrilled -- he gets $10,000 just for selling the golden ticket.

For the rest of us, it’s back to hoping and waiting.

"Oh it's great, I wish it was me," a customer told NY1.

So do we. Back to the office pool.

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