Monument to the UnelectedNina Katchadourian

On Election Day, the winners go on to live their political dreams while the losers are largely forgotten — until now.

A new art installation called Monument to the Unelected has taken over the lawn of Prospect Park’s Lefferts Historic House with 58 campaign signs for all the losing presidential candidates from every election in American history. And, yes, after Tuesday, Nov. 8, there will be 59.

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Artist Nina Katchadourian, who originally created the exhibit for the Scottsdale Museum of Art during the 2008 election with designer Evan Gaffney, was drawn by the uniquely American practice of lawn signs. None of the signs replicate the actual designs used by the candidates.


The Prospect Park Alliance will host kid-focused events on Election Day, including a mock vote. Monument to the Unelected only be on display through Nov. 13.

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