It’s looks like it's now safe to go back in the water.


An alligator that was spotted for the second time in Flushing Meadows Park has reportedly been captured.


The creature was caught Tuesday afternoon by police and had its mouth taped before being taken away, according to police and media reports. After being bagged by the NYPD's Emergency Service Unit, it was set to be transported by Urban Park Rangers to Brooklyn Animal Care and Control.


Following another apparent sighting in early August, the now captured alligator was spotted in Flushing Meadows Corona Park on Monday, officials said.


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The reptile was observed in a waterway that runs into Meadows Lake in the Queens green space that afternoon, WABCreported.

The 110th Precinct reported that several people saw the creature before it escaped when officers tried to grab the gator.

Joe Genovese, 63, a mechanic at nearby Wheel Fun Rentals who reportedly spotted the alligator, said thathe nearly captured the animal twice on his fishing rod, according toDNAinfo.

Genovese was also there to help police reel it in with his fishing rod Tuesday.

"He put up a fight, it was a good fight;" Genovese, who had to wrestle the reptile, toldDNAinfo.

"He was fun, I was carrying him around showing him off," Genovese added.

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This recent sighting is the second time the seemingly same animal has been spotted in the park’s waters.
On Aug. 1, a jogger reported an alligator, describing it as 3 and a 1/2 feet long and “kinda thick." The one that was recently caught was described as about 2 feet long.