After taking on cereal and the flavor industry, the Museum of Food and Drink is cooking up its next tasty exhibit: “Chow,” a history of the culinary hybrid that is American Chinese food.

“‘Chow’ will celebrate the birth and evolution of Chinese American cuisine, tracing its incredible 170-year history and sparking conversation around immigration, cultural identity, and what it means to be American,” according to the project page.

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The exhibit opens early next month, but the Brooklyn museum (which operates as an educational nonprofit) is looking for $80,000 on Kickstarter to make it happen — because displays like a fortune cookie machine cranking out unlimited treats for visitors (if you don’t like your first fortune, grab another!) and tastings of 1900-era dishes don’t come cheap. Plus, supporters get sweet perks like early access to the exhibit.


The fundraiser is almost at $60,000 with about two days to go, and anyone who kicks in at least $10 gets a digital cookbook of historical recipes.

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