PAPD officers rescue a man who threatened to jump from the George Washington Bridge FNBCNewYork/Twitter

A suicidal man who was planning to jump off the George Washington Bridge allegedly pulled a firearm on police officers trying to save him, ABC7 reported.

The incident began just before 10:30 a.m. Friday morning, and Port Authority officers soon confiscated the weapon, which was said to be a “starter pistol,” after speaking to the unidentified man.

The incident prompted authorities to close the upper level of the bridge in both directions, but it has since reopened, according to a Port Authority tweet. Heavy residual delays were expected.

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The latest suicide attempt comes just days after the PAPD’s “suicide squad” was ordered not to pull potential jumpers to safety, but instead wait until the department’s Emergency Service Unit arrives.

The move was said to protect the officers, who have been asked to wear harnesses to prevent them from falling themselves while responding toa possible suicide attempt. Officers saved 70 people last year from jumping off the bridge, and 230 in total since 2014, without the harnesses.

“We took an oath to protect people. We are going to prevent the loss of a life if there is something we can do about it,” a PAPD source told the New York Daily News.

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