Baileys Bakeout NoodlesDominique Ansel Bakery

While the original dessert ramen looked like it came out of “My Little Pony,” Dominique Ansel has created the real deal.


The Cronut creator’s newest collaboration finds him teaming up with Baileys Irish Cream again, this time to satisfy your late-night munchies with Baileys Bakeout Noodles. Made to look just like a bowl of ramen, the sweet treat uses Greek kataifi fillo dough for noodles, makes the “egg” out of passion fruit, a “fishcake” of coconut marshmallow, a waffle cracker as the traditional square of seaweed and even a “hot sauce packet” filled with cherry jam. Dig down a bit, and you’ll hit the fun zone: Baileys-soaked bread pudding.


Now, there’s good news and bad news. The Bakeout Noodles will be free, so your holiday budget is grateful for that, but simply joining the Cronut line won’t get you a bowl. You’ll have to be one of the first 200 people to register at Eventbrite beginning at noon on Thursday, Dec. 1, be 21 or older and live between Canal Street and 96th Street, to get a free delivery of the treat between Dec. 8-11.