Ballet Hispanico in the world premiere of "If Walls Could Speak."Paula Lobo

This year, Ballet Hispanico turns 45, and it’s never looked better. “We’re in full-on celebration mode,” says director Eduardo Vilaro. Not only does the company have a shiny new lobby and facade for its Upper West Side home, but it’s about to start an extended season at Harlem’s Apollo Theater.

The residency, running Nov. 20 and 21,will include Hispanico’s beloved family concerts, which offer a survey of Latin dance from salsa to mambo to cha-cha-cha, as well as the world premiere of choreographer Fernando Melo “If Walls Could Speak,” featuring live Brazilian drumming and samba music.

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“Our mission is to explore and celebrate and create a Latino culture through dance,” says Vilaro. Ballet Hispanico will be spreading the mission even further, as a film of one of its most famous performances, the Cuban Ballroom-dance piece “Carmen.maquia,” currently makes its way across the country. “We want to impact communities in a way that reflects that changing dynamics of our world.”


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