Just in time for winter's actual start, Hale and Hearty Soups’ Chef Series is back beginning Monday.


For 2015, four celebrity chefs created their own takes on the warming dish that will benefit not just your belly, but their charities. Each limited-edition soup will be available for three weeks, with 10 percent of the proceeds going to the chef’s chosen cause.


Here's the lineup:

Mario Batali (Del Posto)
Jan. 12-Feb. 1
Pappa al Pomodoro is a traditional Tuscan dish of pureed tomatoes and sauteed rustic bread. Proceeds benefit The Mario Batali Foundation, which works with at-risk children.
April Bloomfield (The Breslin)
Feb. 2-22
Also by way of Tuscany, Ribollita ("reboiled") soup has a hearty base of beans, veg and herbs, which is then reheated and bread is added to thicken it.Her chosen charity, Alex’s Lemonade Stand, raises funds for pediatric cancer research.
Daniel Boulud (Daniel)
Feb. 23-March 15
The Curried Cream of Cauliflower and Apple Soup balances savority and sweet in a contemporary contemporary update of a French favorite. Boulud is supporting Citymeals-on-Wheels, which provides meal deliveries to homebound elderly residents.
Gabrielle Hamilton (Prune)
March 16-April 5
Late Night Line Cook Shift Meal was born of long, late nights among delicious ingredients, with bright flavors of lemongrass and cilantro. Hamilton chose the anti-violence, women-focused organizationV-Day.