Bay Ridge couple get most sex noise complaints in New York

City's 311 system received six noise complaints

The couple live at 7201 Ridge Boulevard in Bay Ridge.

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A Bay Ridge couple can proudly claim that they are arguably the loudest fornicators in New York City.


The couple received the most noise complaints in New York for their sex sounds; neighbors complained six times to New York's 311 complaint line, reports DNAinfo.


Six complaints may not sound so egregious, but considering the fact that 311 received a total of 133 complaints between Jan. 1, 2014 and Feb. 12, 2015, the number is not insignificant.


Brooklyn was the borough with the most coital noise complaints; it logged 42 complaints, giving bragging rights to hipsters. Queens had 37 complaints; the Bronx had 31 and Manhattan came in at a paltry 23 - just under four times the complaints about a single couple in Bay Ridge. Staten Island's residents either don't complain or have quiet sex; not one single complaint was logged in the borough, according to DNAinfo.


The infamous Bay Ridge couple live at 7201 Ridge Boulevard, a six-floor apartment building near an elementary school and library; neighbors complained that the two would get down and dirty in the early morning. The complaints were called in between October and December.

"Neighbors are having very loud sex with the windows open that can be heard throughout the whole bldg." said one tenant in a 311 complaint.

One anonymous neighbor told DNAInfo,“I’m not a prude but there are kids in the building, and it was just a ridiculously loud amount of noise being made that the first time another woman yelled out her window, ‘Shut your f--ing windows you whore!’”

The neighbor added that though the frisky soundtrack quieted down during the winter, it started up again with the warm weather.

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