When someone with the experience of Eben Freeman (Saxon + Parole) is running the beverage program, there’s no need for anyone else behind the bar. Yet that’s exactly who he’s inviting in when Genuine Liquorette opens tonight.

The bodega-style bar sits in the basement of Little Italy’s throwback burger joint Genuine Superette (191 Grand St.), which opened back in April. Freeman heads up the cocktail program at both venues, and like the restaurant’s partnerships with chefs to create a monthly special burger, Liquorette will host bartenders from around the world and challenge them to make cocktails using only one of the 650 spirits on hand.

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But the first Monday of each month belongs to the newbies. For $75, anyone can learn the basics in a two-hour class with Freeman and Liquorette’s other bartenders: Everything from how to set up your tools to pouring and mixing technique, the recipe that will make you 5,000 drinks, proper presentation — and why it all matters when it comes to not just doing a job, but creating an experience.


If you’ve got the wrists for it (because it’s all in the wrists), you won’t just have a few slick moves for your next house party. You can get right behind the bar at Liquorette and make those drinks for yourself, friends,and anyone else who will let you. Please pour responsibly.

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