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A 41-year-old bicyclist in Ridgewood, Queens suffered a horrifying accident Sunday morning when he hit a pothole while riding in the bike lane and fell off the bike and hit his head, said police. He then stood and stumbled into a wrought-iron fence, impaling his neck on the rail.

The accident happened in front of 380 Woodward Ave., near Stockholm Street. The man was taken by emergency personnel to Wyckoff Heights Medical Center in stable condition, according to a police spokesman.

"He hit his head really hard," an unnamed witness told the Daily News,"Then, in a daze, he starts stumbling onto this fence. He falls onto the fence and skewers his neck. (It went) all the way through his neck. It was the most gruesome, weird thing I have ever seen."

Emergency responders had to cut off a section of the fence to extricate the man, reported the Daily News.

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