High heat and humidity could fire up severe storms by midweek.Getty images

Get ready, Mother Nature is getting locked and loaded to send some pure heat our way along with a pretty good chance of severe storms, with the highest potential for midweek to latein the week.

The core of the heat and the longest running willbe centered across Philadelphia and southern New Jersey, where the heat wave should kick in by Wednesday and last through early next week. Seven to eightdays of 90-plus temperatures will take a toll on the entire region. The exception will be the Jersey Shore, where afternoon winds skimming off the cooler Atlantic will hold temperatures in the low to mid-80s.

New York City, central and northern New Jersey will be get into the heat wave as well, with readings hitting the 90s by Wednesday, which should pretty much hold around the 90 degree mark through the weekend and into early next week.

The arrival of the heat and humidity will be marked by possible severe storms for Wednesday and again by late Thursday or Friday. Humidity levels should be reduced some for the upcoming weekend. However,the atmosphere cooking range should hover near 90 or just above.


The place to be will be the Long Island beaches, facing the South Shore as afternoon sea breezes will feel oh so good. The Hamptons where they pay for cooler temperatures will see the mercury hovering in the more comfortable lower 80s.

Lucky Boston should see the mercury only kiss 90 degrees on Wednesday with readings pretty much holding in the uncomfortable upper 80s with a good deal of humidity from Wednesday through Friday. Storms should fire up on Wednesday and Friday as well, as the Capes will enjoy glorious afternoon sea breezes.

So in summary, the first serious stretch of a prolonged heat wave is taking aim at Philadelphia and New York City as we move into midweek, with the crux of the heat wave centered in Philly.


Today: Morning clouds, then some sun 73

Tuesday: Warming up 86

Wednesday: Hot and humid PM storms91

Thursday: Warm and humid (isolated storm) 87

Friday: Severe threat High 88


Saturday: Humidity drops, sun 84

Sunday: Clouds and sun 85

New York

Today Sunshine, pleasant 83

Tuesday: Sun, warm 85

Wednesday: Humidity heat rising 90 ( Late storms)

Thursday: Hot and humid isolated storms 91

Friday: Hot and humid, scattered storms 92


Saturday: Not as Humid 89

Sunday: Hot 91, isolated storm


Today: Sunshine, low humidity 88

Tuesday: Sunshine very warm 89

Wednesday: Heat, humidity, storms 93

Thursday: Hot and Humid 95 (isolated storm)

Friday: Heatwave, possible storm 94


Saturday: Hot less humid 92

Sunday: More heat 95