Clear skies and seasonal temperatures are in the forecast.Getty Images

On this day that I'm writing, September 11, and as a native New Yorker, I want to send my prayers to the families of our fallen heroes and to say we will "always remember." Your resiliency is remarkable.

The football season has returned and so has some cooler temperatures after a week of record heat across chunks of the Northeast. The atmosphere is in the relaxed stage after days of the meandering, maddening Hermine, making your Labor day holiday one that was tough to digest.

Hermine was followed by late season heat and humidity and now a return to more seasonable September conditions as we try to re-adjust to the work and school grind and packed weekend in the cities once again, as beach goers become city dwellers.

Temperatures will begin to heat up by mid-week, but then a swift moving cool front will usher in a nice, comfy Canadian air mass as the mercury will hover mainly in the very pleasant 70s with low humidity for both Thursday and Friday. Boston, you might actually dip into the 60s on Thursday.


The upcoming weekend will start out dry, however a very moist return flow of air on Sunday will lead to an increasing chance of widespread showers and possibly storms by later Sunday into early Monday.

Keeping an eye on the tropics.

A strong disturbance in the eastern tropical Atlantic, should become more organized over the next 72 hours and most likely become the ninth storm of the season and take on the name Ian. Long range computer models indicate that if indeed Ian does develop it should not pose any threat to the coastline of the United States as a blocking high-pressure ridge should deflect it out to sea.

New York

Today: Beautiful day, Sunshine 80

Tuesday: Sunshine 82

Wednesday: Warming up, sun 88

Thursday: Fantastic day, sunshine 77

Friday: Bright, blue and beautiful 78

Saturday: Sun and clouds 83

Sunday: Showers moving in, especially late 81


Today: Bright sunshine 72

Tuesday: Sunshine 80

Wednesday: Mostly sunny 84

Thursday: Sunny, cooler blast 70

Friday: Sunshine 72

Saturday: Sun and clouds 80

Sunday: Showers moving in 76


Today: Sunshine, pleasant 80

Tuesday: Sunshine, warmer 85

Wednesday: Sun and clouds, much warmer 89

Thursday: Bright, blue and beautiful 75

Friday: Golden sunshine 79

Saturday: Dry, warmer 84

Sunday: Showers, most likely later in day 82

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