A heat wave will be descending on the Northeast later this week, making subway travelGetty Images

Temperatures remained very warm Sunday with afewlocations kissing 90 degrees in the Northeast, but it didn't feel that way because of a drop in humidity.As the saying goes, "It's not the heat, it's the humidity."

You should be able to lighten up on your deodorant Monday and Tuesday as humidity levels will remain lower. Yoursubway ride will feel a bit more pleasant. There's nothing worse thanbeing squeezed in like human sardines on a hot summer day and the air conditioning goes on the blink.

So enjoy it while it lastsbecausethe heat and humidity will make a big-time comeback for the second half of this week, and could last through theweekend.

The humidity will arrive Wednesday, along withscattered showers and thunderstorms, with temperatures in inthe 80s fromPhilly and NYCto Boston.


The heatwave will commence on Thursday, with temperatures soaring into the 90s along with a ton of humidity all along the I-95 corridor.

The big question is just how hot and just how far north will the heat penetrate?Philadelphia and NYC should be full on into it and a couple of models extend it into New England as well. The other question is, just how widespread storms will become by this weekend?

Right now, my thinking is it should be quite stormy this weekend, especially on Sunday. This will put somewhat of a lid on the temperature surge, but the humidity levels will put us in the steam bath category. Whether we hit 90 or above through the weekend, or a couple of notches below,it's just a matter of semantics. You're going to sweat your posterior off.


Today: Suntastic, low humidity 85

Tuesday: More sunshine 84

Wednesday: Humidity jumps, scattered showers/storms 85

Thursday: Hot and humid 92

Friday: Hot and humid, late storm 90


Saturday: Sweltering humidity, storms 88

Sunday: Widespread showers and storms 85

New York

Today: Sunshine, low humidity 87

Tuesday: Suntastic 86

Wednesday: Humidity jumps up, scattered storms 88

Thursday: Hot and humid, afternoon storm 91

Friday: Hot and humid 91


Saturday: Humid, storms 90

Sunday: Widespread storms, humid 87


Today: Sunshine and warm, low humidity 87

Tuesday: Golden sun 86

Wednesday: Humidity jumps, scattered storms 88

Thursday: Hot and humid 92

Friday Hot and humid 91, late storm.


Saturday: Hot, humid, storm's likely 91

Sunday: Humid, storms 90

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