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That’s definitely on the prohibited items list.

A pair of Bronx residents were arrested early Monday morning after they were found with razors hidden in their clothes as they went through security, authorities said.

According to NBC, 40-year-old Miguel Munoz and 18-year-old Lizbeth Esteras were taken into custody as the two attempted to board a flight to Miami at about 5:30 a.m. at LaGuardia Airport.

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Munoz was found with a straight-edged razor concealed in the removable sole of one of his shoes, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) said. Inside the compartment were the razor and blade along with a tube of cologne.

TSA officers discovered Esteras with a hidden straight razor blade inside a baseball cap she was wearing tucked behind the inside band near the size label.

The officers immediately contacted the Port Authority Polie Department, which confiscated the items while the TSA officers conducted an investigation.

The two are expected to face local charges, according to the TSA.

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