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Bronx woman found guilty of manslaughter after drowning her two kids

She faces up to 50 years for the deaths of her four-year-old and baby.
Flickr, Creative Commons

A woman was found guilty for the 2012 drowning deathsof her infant daughterand four-year-old son in their Bronx apartment, BronxDistrict Attorney Darcel D. Clark announced Friday.

Lisette Bamenga, 32,was convicted in a non-jury trial Friday on two counts of first-degree manslaughter. Thethree-week trial was held before Bronx Supreme Court Justice Martin Marcus.

“The killing of these young children is a horrendous tragedy," Clark said in a statement, "and their mother has been held accountable for her actions.”

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On July 5, 2012, Bamenga gave her two kids, four-year-old Trevor Noel and four-month-old Violent Noel,grape juice mixed with windshield wiper fluid, according to trial testimony.

She then drowned themin the bathtub of theirof Noble Ave. apartment, confined them in the kitchen and turned the stove's gas on. Then, Bamenga drank the wiper fluid herself,slashed her wrists and left behind notes.

She faces five to 25 years in prison on each of the twocounts andwill besentenced on April 25.

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