The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is investigating reports that some 100 rabbits are being kept in the backyard of a tire shop at 466 3rd Avenue, in Gowanus.

The DA’s office said it received a complaint on Tuesday about the rabbits, which alleges they have been neglected and are suffering.

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene said a recent inspection found no proof that conditions at the tire shop were “conducive to pests,” because of the large number of rabbits.

The ASPCA said it had offered the owner spay and neutering service and help with placing the rabbits in a new home.


Animal rights group PETA wrote to DA Ken Thompson, urging him to act to protect“approximately 100 domestic rabbits,” many of which are confined to cages with only partial cardboard boxes for shelter or else roam freely with only lean-tos protecting them from the sun.”

PETA said the rabbits are “in desperate need” of government intervention.

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