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A Brooklyn jury convicted a man who shot and three five cops after holding his pregnant girlfriend and son hostage was convicted Wednesday.

Nakwon Foxworth, 36, faces a life sentence in prison after what started as an argument with movers at his Sheepshead Bay apartment building in 2012.

Foxworth shouted at the movers over some items the men left in the building hallway when police said he pulled a .9mm handgun on the workers.

Cops arrived at the scene shortly after, forcing Foxworth into his apartment. Inside, he barricaded himself along with his pregnant girlfriend and their 10-month-old son.


The woman and child escaped moments before six officers pushed through the apartment door and were met with a spray of bullets.

Foxworth shot at the cops 12 times, injuring three of them. The officers responded with some 29 bullets, hitting Foxworth in the chest once.

Cops also recovered a sawed-off shotgun at Foxworth's apartment before he was rushed for medical attention under police custody.

"This defendant not only had the audacity to fire at our police officers, he recklessly put the pregnant mother of his baby in harm’s way," said Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson. "The jury has spoken and now the defendant will spend many well-deserved years behind bars.

Foxworth previously served 10 years for weapons and drug possession and wasreleased from jail in 2009.