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Brooklyn pasta mecca Faro launches the ultimate carb lover's tasting menu

Get ready for five courses of Italy's finest export.
Faro's gnudiBradley Hawks

The housemade pastas coming out of Bushwick's Faro(436 Jefferson St.) have been a welcome bulwark holding back the anti-gluten tide since it opened last May.Now, the already Michelin-lauded restauranthas launched a carb lover's eight-course tasting menu.

Chef Kevin Adey makes over 100 styles of pasta, all with local grains ground in-house, which he'll be mixing and matching each night. Some of the early dishes have included Northwest Italy’s coin-shaped corzetti with scallops and Piedmontese tajarin (think egg-heavy tagliatelle) with uni. Also expect starters (truffled potato puffs!) and dessert.

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The tasting menu is $85 and only available at the six-seat Chef’s Counter on Fridays and Saturdays at 8 p.m. Reservations are required by calling 718-381-8201.