A U.S. Postal Service worker in Brooklyn mightfind herself on the naughty list for allegedly stealing gift cards sent through the mail in order to buy sex toys online, according to a report in abc7ny.com.

Iesha Conley, who worked at the Brooklyn Processing and Distribution Center in East New York, was arrested Tuesday following an investigation that began in September.

On Sept. 21, a postal customer filed a complaint that a card she sent to a relative with a $100 American Express gift card inside had been opened withthegift card removed when her relative received it.

She obtained the gift card number from her point of purchase, a Bed, Bath and Beyond store, and alerted AmEx.


The credit card company discovered that the card had been used to buy three sex toys totaling $94.68 from e-commerce discount site Groupon on Sept. 26.

The Office of the Inspector General for the Postal Service investigated Conley at the Brooklyn facility earlier this week, and she was allegedly seen opening and removing items from numerous cards and placing them “inside a black sweater with the words ‘Got Jesus?’" on it, court documents showed.

Conley was released on $15,000 bail from Brooklyn Federal Court.

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