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The street outside a Brooklyn nightclub was the scene of an early Friday melee that left one woman shot and one man stabbed.

Before 1:45 a.m., a fight started in Bushwick’s Club Republic and then spilled onto the street where a 20-year-old woman was shot in the leg and a 32-year-old man was stabbed in his stomach, NBC reported.

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At the time of the incident, a music release party was happening inside the club, ABC reported, adding that the fight led to a broken window that cast glass onto the sidewalk, some of which still remained Friday morning.


Police were looking at a video taken from a nearby Dunkin Donuts for information regarding the incident, the New York Daily News stated.

Both victims have been taken to Kings County Hospital and are expected to survive, NBC added.

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Police told ABC that there is no motive for the confrontation and they are still looking for a suspect.

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