A judge sentenced a Bushwick handyman on Thursday to life for the murder and dismemberment of his landlord boss, whose body was never found.

Luis Perez, 50, will spend no fewer than 25 years in prison for killing his boss Bruce Blackwood in 2006 over $7,700 investigators said Perez stole from his victim.

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Blackwood hired Perez to work in a handful of Brooklyn properties when Blackwood allegedly discovered Luiz was cashing checks against the landlord's account. Authorities said Blackwood confronted Perez at one of the buildings at Hancock Street.


Brooklyn District Attorney Ken Thompson said Perez, who has a criminal record, killed Blackwood to avoid prison. Perez allegedly choked Blackwood and used a machete to cut up the body and plastic bags to dispose of the parts.

Investigators only set their sights on Perez in 2014, when Perez admitted to the gruesome crime over the course of more than three hours of a secret videotaped confession from 2011 he made to his daughter.

"It’s not about committing the perfect crime — it's just about how well you clean it up," Perez said on the tape.

"Even though we didn’t have a body, we were determined to get justice for Bruce Blackwood and his family," Thompson said in a statement. "And that’s exactly what we did by using the defendant's own words to convict him."

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