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In New York City it isn’t strange to see someone going for a late night jaunt to their local corner store for a few snacks while wearing their house clothes.


But if you’re a 6-foot, 8-inch-tall NBA player who casually walks into your local store in a bathrobe, then you may get singled out.


Last night, Carmelo Anthony, his wife La La and family made a run to the corner store. Carmelo kept things extra-casual by wearing a white bathrobe with “Melo” monogrammed on it.


His wife hilariously captured the moment on video and posted it to her Instagram account to call him out on his fashion choices.


“You just had to wear the robe with your name on it, cause that wasn’t going to attract any attention, right,” La La says on video while they’re inside the store.


Anthony tries to defend himself by saying he wears a robe around the house and he has no reason to dress up to go to the store.

Carmelo might have a point. When you’re an Olympic champion who just earned a gold medal at the 2016 Rio Olympics you have every right to wear what you want to the store. We’re just glad he chose to leave his medal at home.


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