George the cat messed up your commute. Twitter/@MilaBRM

If you were delayed on the A, C and E lines on Wednesday night, don't blame the MTA (this time).

A cat, apparently named George, who decided to explorethe uptown local tracks at Canal Street led to 52 service changes for83 trains on the A, B, C, D, E and F lines during the Wednesday rush.

The MTA said a Queens-bound Etrain operator spotted the cat on the tracks, not far from the electrified third rail, at 5:19 p.m.

The operator was not able to move her train, which led to delays or outages. The MTA cut power to the tracks, and emergency workers saved the feline around 6 p.m.


"It seems its owner was cleaning the pet's carrier while on the Canal St platform when the cat decided to make a run for it," the MTA posted on Facebook. "Note topet owners: Thank you for carrying your pet in a carrier but please clean it at home, not on the subway."

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