Bronx prosecutors have dropped charges against a New York City police officer accused of raping a teenage girl he met at a church group.


The case against Vladimir Sosa, who worked for the NYPD for seven years, was dropped on Wednesday, according to the Daily News.


Sosa was arrested in March after being accused of having a sexual relationship with a teenage girl he met at his Tremont church. The New York Daily News reported that Sosa had consensual sex with the teen at least three times in the last year, and was busted after the girl's mother found evidence on her daughter's cell phone.


Sosa’s lawyers said they had proof the girl was 17, which is the legal age for consent, and Sosa told the Daily News he didn’t know why the girl made the allegations.


Prosecutors said they did not have enough evidence to meet the burden of proof.

Sosa, who works for the 46th Precinct, was facing three counts of third-degree rape and criminal sex acts, as well as five counts of sexual misconduct and one count of child endangerment, Metro reported previously.

Sosa still faces charges within the department, according to the Daily News.