Chip Kelly hasn't exactly raved about QB Colin Kaepernick since landing the 49ers' heGetty Images

The initial reaction from around the league when Chip Kelly signed on to become head coach of the San Francisco 49ers was that he must believe he can resurrect the career of Colin Kaepernick. On his second NFL job - the one that is make or break for just about any coach - Kelly would surely want to go somewhere with a quarterback in place, right?

Apparently not. All indications are that Kelly will trade Kaepernick for pennies on the dollar. A team like the Jets, which is usually QB-starved doesn't even want the dual-threat signal-caller.

“I don't want Kaepernick,” Jets receiver Brandon Marshall told ESPN when told that Kaepernick wants to be traded to New York. “I think he’s good. My guy’s Fitz. It’s nothing against Kaepernick. … I have my quarterback, so I’m good.”

Several mock drafts have Kelly looking to nab Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams in the fourth round of the 2016 NFL Draft.


As for where Kaepernick could land, there aren't many options around the league. A team would seemingly have to go "all-in" on him as a starter given the fact that he's just 28-years-old and in no way views himself as a backup just yet.

A team like the Los Angeles Rams mightbe a good fit. Kaepernick wants to go to a big market and he would instantly give the Rams' franchise a "face." Their offense is also already set up nicely for a mobile quarterback.

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