As if the Indianapolis Colts and their fans haven't pissed off Tom Brady enough in the past nine months, a group of Indy fans will fly a blimp over Lucas Oil Stadium next Sunday night during the nationally televised Colts - Patriots game that reads, "#DeflateThisBrady."

Brady's Patriots were playing the Colts in the AFC Championship game last January when the "Deflategate" controversy began. Colts GM Ryan Grigsonis said to have contacted NFL VP of game operations Mike Kensilduring the AFC title game, alleging underinflated balls.

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Colts fans went to the advertising company AirSign and will rent the "Thermal Airship" (said to be an "environmentally-friendly" alternative to a Helium blimp) to fly over the game. Above is a YouTube video of the "#DeflateThisBrady" blimp.


This will not be the first time in 2015 the Patriots will get hit with taunts from the air. At the beginning of training camp, Jets fans flew a plane over Pats practice that had a sign attached that read, "Cheaters Look Up!"

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