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In the kingdom of artisanal ice cream, is there room for a Dairy Queen? There is, in fact, room for five.

The soft-serve chain just opened its newest location today at 27 Graham Ave. in Williamsburg, giving it a presence in all the boroughs. Brooklynites can now ponder the physics of the Blizzard for themselves, indulge their devotion to all things retro with an Orange Julius and those sandwiches that Dairy King Warren Buffett is accused of lifting from Subway.

But real food is not what you get at Dairy Queen. It’s all about the Blizzard here, so prepare to push the very limits of physics with a brownie batter or cotton candy base, then go nuts with the mix-ins.

How does she do it??? ?#upsidedown #blizzard #dairyqueen


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