And here we thought Daybreaker was a health cult — but those don’t tend to hold gatherings in bakeries.


The sober ravers who like to get up early for yoga at 6 a.m. and chase it with a two-hour dance party usually fuel their fun only with juices and snacks you’d find in the produce aisle rather than by the cash registers. This week though, they ascended to Toga Heaven at the new Eataly Downtown, where their sweat sesh was rewarded with frittatas, Roman-style pizzas, crostatas, and sweet and savory focaccias. It didn't seem like anyone was counting how many calories limboing burns, either.


Turns out their idea of a good life is much more holistic and not fundamentally opposed to indulging in the finer carbs. To get in on their next yoga-and-carbs fest, check out their upcoming events.