When a suspicious package was found in Trump Tower on Tuesday— which turned out to be a bag of toys —the NYPD sprang into action to protect those inside the building, including President-elect Donald Trump’s camp.

After Sean Spicer, incoming press secretary for the Trump administraion, thanked the NYPD, Eric Phillips, a spokesman for Mayor Bill de Blasio, quipped on Twitter that the city would send Trump a bill for the evacuation.

De Blasio has been after the federal government to help alleviate the financial stress placed on New York while protecting Trump – to the tune of $1 million per day – so the joke didn’t just come out of nowhere.

But, some people thought the joke didn’t land.

New York asked the federal government for $35 million to help cover the costs of protecting the president-elect and his family. U.S. House Republicans set aside $7 million.

On Tuesday, Phillips reminded the public that incidents like the Trump Tower evacuation will be a "common occurance."

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