Public Urination

Lawmakers want to loosen the penalties for public urination.

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Public Urination is a reality many New Yorkers witness if not participate in directly, but now, the NYPD is looking into decriminalizing the act.

Currently, those pleading guilty can mail in a court summons and pay a $50 dollar fine, but the violation sticks to the offenders' criminal record, often limiting their ability to get a job. Last year, 28,599 Criminal Court Summons were issued to New Yorkers for public urination.

Speaker of the New York City Council, Melissa Mark-Viverito, is currently discussing decriminalizing these violations with NYPD.

Viverito states that “to become a more fair and just city, we must reform our criminal justice system to make sure that the law is enforced rationally and that the collateral damage related to enforcement is minimized. The punishment should fit the offense.”


But New York City Councilmen Corey Johnson seems to feel less sympathetic for those who use city streets as their personal toilet. Johnson was quoted in theNew York Timesas saying “there is already a significant problem every single weekend with widespread, out-of-control peeing."

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