2-year-old Lily, as she was found by rescuersAnimal Light Rescue

Loyalty is hard to come by in this dog-eat-dog world, but the team at Animal Light Rescue thinks it might have a dog on its hands who “will be your best friend for the rest of her life.”


Rescuers said 2-year-old Lily was abandoned by her previous owner in the woods, along with a crate and a old t-shirt — on which rescuers believe she had been sitting for weeks.


“Lily, being the good girl that she is, stayed where her owner left her, waiting for him to come back,” a post on the group’s Facebook page read. “Which he never did.”


A woman recently discovered the dog and started feeding her, later alerting rescuers about her situation.


The group describes the pup as an “amazingly sweet” “little snuggler,” that is “great” with other dogs and “loves all people.” She enjoys kids, but can sometimes get spooked, rescuers said.


“Lily is slightly timid, but we think it is because of her history,” the post reads. “We think once she is in a stable and loving home, her timidness will fade away into the pure happy lovebug that she is.”

If your heart is melting as much as mine, you’ll be happy to know that Lily is healthy, spayed, up-to-date on her shots and on the lookout for a new family to shower with her seemingly endless devotion.

If you’d like more information about possibly adopting Lily, fill out an application on the group’s website and email Julie@ALRcares.com.