Dolly Castro is the CEO of Bars and Branches,a fitness model, a mother and once a promising lawyer. Castro gave up law in order to focus more on modeling.

The Nicaraguan-born model has over 96,000 Twitter followers and a whopping 4.5 million Instagram followers. Bars and branches is a "fitness lifestyle" and Castro's website features apparel, swimwear, fitness equipment and accessories.

Here is some more background on the 36-year-old Castro, according to her website:

"Being raised in a very religious household, Dolly’s parents were also very firm on making sure education was a key factor in her life, and something she pursued. Wanting to become a chef was a dream for Dolly, however a career as a lawyer was a much more respected profession in her fathers eyes and that’s exactly what she studied for 9 semesters.


"The birth of a child gave Dolly such joy, it was a sense of fulfillment. Having someone to take care of and be a positive role model for immediately became a priority for her and she wanted nothing more than to make sure her beautiful daughter had an amazing life."

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